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Deal done to transform MMU Crewe into health science campus

The new campus will open to UK and international students in September 2019

Original article from Cheshire Live.

A deal has now been signed to transform Crewe’s MMU site into a medical health science campus which will open its doors to UK and international students in September 2019.

The Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus (ABHSC) will offer degrees in biomedical sciences and podiatry, plus medical foundation courses.

ABHSC Ltd, which owns the campus and has former Cheshire East Council leader Michael Jones as managing director, hopes to have reached the 5,000 student capacity at the Crewe site by 2024.

And it is expected to eventually support around 500 jobs.

The deal is backed by the Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus consortium, with significant investment from the Indian healthcare conglomerate Apollo Hospital Enterprises, which is the leading healthcare provider in India and Asia.

John Clapham, pro vice chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said: “Our trailblazing medical school in Buckingham has been a phenomenal success. With this new campus in the North West, Buckingham will expand this innovation beyond medicine, building on our expertise to broaden our health science provision.

“We are delighted to partner with Apollo, which has dramatically improved access to high quality medical care in India. We believe this new educational initiative has the potential to make a significant contribution to improving global healthcare by training new generations of caring professionals.”

The deal will keep an academic presence in Crewe once MMU quits the town for good in the summer of next year.

The biomedical science courses will be a two-year degree programme and podiatry will take just two and a half years.

Third year students will be offered 36-week placements in North West hospitals and GP surgeries, which, the bosses say, will help to relieve pressure on local NHS services

The new campus will also offer a one-year medical foundation and a one-year pre-medical course which are specifically designed for entry to UK medical and dental schools.

And it will include a wellness centre for both students and staff.

This service will be provided by the third consortium member, Crewe-based, Unique Children’s Community Interest Company (Unique CCIC), which brought Apollo and the University of Buckingham together.

Amanda Weston, of Unique CCIC, said:: “We are proud of the role we have played in helping to turn our vision for the campus into a reality. By bringing the consortium parties together we have retained an academic footprint in Crewe.

“The deal marks an ambitious international partnership that shares knowledge, best practice and innovation on a global scale bringing significant benefits to the local economy and wider region in turn.

“It also marks a major vote of confidence in the UK, with a significant overseas investment.”

Dr Prathap Reddy, chairperson of the Apollo Hospitals Group, said: “This is an extremely exciting opportunity for the Apollo group. My vision has been to match our success as the largest health care provider in India with success in establishing world-class educational institutions in India and abroad. The Crewe campus further consolidates our initiatives in India and presents a new chapter in our journey in the higher education space.”

Dr Preetha Reddy, vice chairperson of Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd. said: “We know that there is an urgent need for increased numbers of well-trained health care professionals across the world. I am confident that the Crewe campus will contribute significantly to achieving this goal.”

Ms Sangita Reddy, joint managing director of Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd, said: “This is good news for Crewe and all the partners are determined to make this work to not only enhance the health economy locally but in producing Health professionals for the whole world. I visualise the campus as a centre of excellence for healthcare training, and we will ensure that we focus on quality, evidence-based practice and world-class outcomes.”

Michael Jones told CheshireLive he was delighted the landmark deal had been struck.

“This will put Crewe on the map,” he said.

It is anticipated that turnover of the new not-for-profit health science campus could be up to about £30m by 2024.

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